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Do What The Wealthy Do Recap Below!

By now you have either watched one of our webinars, or had a direct referral call with one of our Wealth Advocates and you have decided to onboard as a client. Whether that be for an Asset Protection plan, Tax Planning (where we can help you save as much as 100% on your taxes owed), Family & Estate planning or even bookkeeping and payroll, we are super excited to have you board with us. Here are the steps in exact order that the wealthy take in which you now have the capability to do too.

STEP 1: Always, Always Protect What You Currently Own (Your Assets): The wealthy always start out by protecting what they own which usually implements a family trust of some sort. They also always separate business assets from personal assets by having multiple trusts setup. By utilizing our Asset Protection Plans, you put you and your family in a position to avoid probate, protect all your assets from creditors and lawsuits as well as your entire legacy as you continue to build it. You also can choose to get as many trusts as you like that fits your exact family legacy needs.

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STEP 2: Tax Planning, Paying 5% or Less In Taxes Per Year:

The wealthy ALWAYS utilize tax planning. I am sure you heard it before "the wealthy never pay taxes" well that is by design. They utilize the IRS code to keep them from paying taxes. By proper tax planning, you can "Do What The Wealthy Do" and repurpose those tax savings by placing them into tax free retirements while using the savings to acquire more assets, insure your business and much more. This is exactly why they pay little to no taxes. They typically work with a family office that helps them do just that. The best part is here at Obsidian Wealth Management, we are a boutique family office that focuses on working with business owners that do $1m in annual revenues and don't demand that you have $100m in assets in order to work with us like the large family offices require and we help you do what the wealthy do so that you can get the results like the wealthy do.

STEP 3: Legacy Leveraged Life: The first thing when a baby is born, wealthy families like the Rockefeller's place a very unique life policy on their children, grandchildren ect. They also do this on their employees. According to there are unfortunately over 108,000 children under 5yrs old that die every year in the USA. By insuring them at a young age, its super affordable and the type of policies that we at OWM put in place grow year over year WITHOUT you ever having to pay for that policy ever again. So no monthly premiums. You get a death benefit that grows along with a cash value that grows which allows them to be their own bank along with living benefits. As a policy owner (you can own policies on other people) you get the cash value benefits and can appoint any person or entity like a trust to be the beneficiary of that death benefit on the person who is insured. That is why the wealthy always have these in place. Plus its quite literally the safest place to put their money because its guaranteed to not lose principle balance or profits earned from interest and dividends while being able to draw from it tax free in retirement as it still grows every year.

STEP 4: Additional Insured Insurance: One of the other steps the wealthy take is additional insurance. There are many types of insurance that can help protect your business, such as liability insurance, property insurance, and business interruption insurance. Its important to assess your businesses risks and determine the appropriate coverage. The wealthy always have ample insurance for any and all various associated risks.

STEP 5: Leverage & Utilizing OPM (Other Peoples Money): Another reason why the wealthy keep getting wealthier besides the other 4 steps above is they use other peoples money. The leverage funding, OPM and other high leverage opportunities such as their network. An example would be utilizing our $250k 0% APR funding, or becoming a client referral partner where you can get all your money back and even a profit that can be placed towards growing your wealth even further by referring other business owners to us. Leverage is vital and now you have the ability to build your legacy while utilizing leverage with Obsidian.


1. Asset Protection                    2. Tax Planning

3. Estate & Family Planning             4. Retirement Planning

5. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll      6. Virtual CFO Services

7. Acquisitions

Welcome to the registration page for Obsidian Wealth Management "OWM". OWM is a small boutique family office that provides a variety of services that help businesses that do $1 million or more in annual revenues do what the wealth do. 

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